Planet and Moon



Jill Preston, BSci, MBA, California  born, is passionate about  astrology | sales | marketing | social media|vocal narration| exercise | nature and the animal kingdom.  Jill is very compassionate, conscious and intuitive.  Jills astrological natal chart has been a powerful guidance and self awareness tool for Jill her entire life.


“The most important day of your life is the day you were born and the REASON you find out why”

- Mark Twain

READING WITH JILL requires your birth date, time of birth, place, and location.

 A 55-minute  IN DEPTH ASTROLOGY reading with Jill is $350.00 via | Pre-recorded MP4 File  | 

  A 30-minute NATAL SNAPSHOT or TRANSITS reading with Jill is $200.00 via  | Pre-recorded MP4 File|  


Ask one question to Jill is  $50.00 delivered Pre-recorded MP4.

Computerized Astrology PDF NATAL Report paper copy from my software program.  There is limited input from me on this report.  (approx 7 pages) | Emailed to you | $25.00

*We aim to please, so please ask if you don't see what you need?

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 Note:   Services will be scheduled upon receipt of payment. After you have paid for the sessions via PayPal. I will contact you to schedule your reading and | or deliver your MP4 file.  Thank you!